Chenter Foundation Susana & Jorge Ho Next Steps Scholarship

The Chenter Foundation Susana & Jorge Ho Next Steps Scholarship is to provide scholarship support to students enrolled at any University of Hawai‘i campus. In hopes of encouraging and helping more Hawai‘i high school graduates further their education, the Chenter Foundation is providing scholarship support for the 2021 Next Steps to Your Future program in Susana and Jorge Ho’s honor. They believe a well-educated population is critical for society’s stability and wish all recipients the best of luck in pursuing their dreams.

Jorge and Susana were born in Taiwan on the brink of WWII. Life back then was tough for most families, and education was a privilege. Growing up in that era and in a large family of many children, not many had the opportunity of advancing in education. However, despite all the challenging conditions, Jorge excelled in his studies from a young age. He graduated from the Central Police Academy (now known as Central Police University) with summa cum laude honors.

Soon after graduation from the Academy, young Jorge met and captured the heart of Susana during a visit to the radio station where Susana worked as the radio broadcaster. Not long after, both decided to get married and start a family. Throughout his career as a police officer, Jorge had the opportunity of dealing with foreign nationals. As a result, his English improved tremendously. So, when an opportunity arose, it prompted him to take the entrance exam to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat. Once again, he topped the exam with the highest scores. With this new career shift, the Ho family embarked on a new life as a diplomat family from Taiwan.

Jorge and Susana raised five daughters. In his diplomatic career, Jorge and Susana, together with their daughters, were stationed in Greece, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras, and Ecuador. During his last post in Ecuador, he was appointed as the ambassador. Susana has always been supportive of her role as mother and wife, raising five children overseas, which, at that time, was quite a challenge for them economically. Their daughters were very fortunate to have traveled and studied in different countries. All of them graduated from university, and they are all polylingual. One of them has both a master’s degree in Spanish Literature and a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership.

Today, Jorge and Susana are happily retired in Taiwan. Life has been good to them. Now in their 80’s, both enjoy their leisurely lifestyle with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Both lead a healthy life doing things together. While Jorge writes his diary every day to upkeep his penmanship, Susana enjoys her political talk shows. Although none of the daughters live in Taiwan, the family enjoys their video chat every Saturday night.

Had it not been for the pursuit of education and the ability to seize the opportunity, life would have been very different for them.

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Description:  The purpose of this Fund is to provide scholarship support to students enrolled at any University of Hawaii campus. Funds shall be used for costs associated with attendance (e.g. tuition, books, fees, etc.).
Level:  N/A
High School:  Recent graduate of a State of Hawai'i public high school.
Residency:  N/A
Enrollment Status:  Full-time or Part-time.
Contact Person:  Student Services
Contact Department:  Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Contact Address:  2444 Dole St, Bachman Annex 9-5
Honolulu, HI 96822
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Contact Email:  [email protected]
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